Zawabit al-Jarh wa Tadeel By Irshad ul Haq Athari – PART 1

zawabit jarh wa tadeel


Topic : Zawabit al-Jarh wa Ta`deel

Based on : Shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Muhammad ibn Ibraahim al-`Abdul-Lateef (rahimahillah) book Dhawbitul-Jarh wa-ta`deel

Explained by Shaykh wal-Muhaqqiq Irshad ul-Haq Athari hafidhahullah 
Translated and annoted by :

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Introduction : 

About this course : Shaykh Irshad ul-Haqq athari hafidhahullah has commented and explained on the codes and laws of the science of criticism and praise regarding narrators from the book of the famous shaykh `Abdul `Azeez ibn Muhammad ibn Ibraahim `Abdul Lateef rahimahullah titled “ضوابط الجرح والتعدیل “

Fadheelatus-Shaykh Irshad ul-Haq Athari is a researcher , a compiler , author and a hadeeth specialist hailing from the land of many scholars – the Islamic republic of Pakistan. He has umpteen books and works on various topics in Arabic and Urdu language out of which approx. 35-40 have been published so far which hold a high esteem near scholars and students of knowledge. He has numerous short articles uploaded across the web as well.  He is well indulged in the takhreej and tahkeeq of various books of Ahadeeth such as Musnad abi Ya`la, Musnad Siraj , Juzz al-Raful Yadayn, Tabiyeen al-Ajab bima warad fi Fadhail rajab by Ibn Hajr, al-`Ilal al-Mutanahiya fi al-Ahadith al-Wahiya. His exemplary work on the book al-`Ilal al-Mutanahiya of Ibn Jawzi drew praise from Shaykh al-Albanee in his Silsilah adh-dha`eefah wherein he addressed Shaykh Irshadul-Haq as “Ustadh” (teacher)


Among his Urdu works the shaykh has numerous works ranging in almost every genre. From tafseer of surah fatir, Surah Qaaf and others which have been published too. Along with these he is well known to defend the monotheistic religion of Islam against desires and newly formed innovations and attacks both hidden and apparent. Such as when someone near Faisalabad who on the face value claimed to be Ahlul Hadeeth yet his speech concerning the criticism and attack on the sahaaba made Shaykh Irshad ul-Haq penn down three whole books enlisting the virtues , stature and the refutation of those who pin point or critique the sahaaba.

Along with this his famous book against Javed Ghamidi on music is also well received. I  have translated a very small portion of it here :

and you

can see the name of the book in Urdu here :

Likewise Shaykh Habeebur rahman kandhalevi (rahimahullah) wrote a book regarding Madhahbi dastan and he targeted the ahadeeth of saheeh al-Bukhaari (in a bad way) to which Shaykh Irshad replied in his work titled “Aahadees Saheeh Bukhaari aur Muslim mai parveezi tashkeek ka ilmi muhasaba” . He has also contributed a lot against attacks on saheehayn by madhabi ghulaat.

Likewise Shaykh Irshadul Haq after reviewing 27 books of shaykh Sarfaras Safdar deobandhi , penned down his critique against various points in his work “ Mawlana Safdar apni tasaneef ke

Aine mai”

Then the son of Mawlana safdar deobandhi namely `Abdul Quddus wrote a book against this work of Shaykh Irshadul Haq naming it “ Mashoor ghair Muqallid `Aalim Irshadul Haq asari” and  Shaykh Irshad then responded back in his work titled “ Aina unko dikhaaya jo Bura man gaye”  [Free download : ]

Among other works covered by shaykh irshadul haq are on the famous Hanafi work titled

`ilalus-sunan fil-Meezan “ written in defense of hanafi madhab by  Mawlana Zafar Ahmad al Uthmani in 16 or 22 volumes (this work includes  the Fahris, Qawa’id Uloom al Hadith and Mawlana Habib’s Qawa’id on Usul al Fiqh – which defend taqleed and refute Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn Hazam among others )

Shaykh Irshadul Haq refuted this famous work islahatan correcting the usooli errors on ahadeeth found in it.

Along with this the shaykh has issued a combined literature that equates an encyclopaedia on uloomi sciences and topic in particular such as the recital of fatiha behind an Imam. Some of these works are :

–          Aahadees ul-Hidaya [Free download: ]

–          Asbabe Ikhtilaaful-Fuqaha (the reasons that caused differences among fuqaha) [Free download: ]

–          Tawzeeh ul-Kalaam fi-Wujood qiraat khalful-Imaam [Free download: ]

–          Tanqeeul Kalaam Fi Tayeeb Towzeehul Kalaam [Free download: ]

There is much more that can be said about the shaykh and his Juhood for the services of Islam and this extremely short introduction about him does not do justice to his personality. Unfortunately I am keeping this brief so as to finish the translation of the main topic as soon as possible. The shaykh’s speech on this topic “Zawabit Jarh wa ta`deel” is recorded in 3 parts [approx. 3.5 hours or less]…………….(read more :


Part 2 :

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