Musnad Rabi ibn Habeeb is not authentically established

مـسـنـد الإمـام الـربـيـع بن حـبـيـب و كـتـاب الـجـامـع لإبن بـركـة، دراسـة مـقـارنـة

Al-Jaami` as-saheeh Musnad al-Imaam Ar-rabi` ibn Habeeb – a Book written by Rabi` ibn Habeeb from which the khawarij sect al-`ibadhi ( اباضي خارجي) modern day Oman are descendent of this sect

Note: Those who aren’t well versed and grounded with the `Aqeedah and basics of Islam should not go to their websites lest they deviate or shaytaan infiltrate their heart with doubts. The Khawarij are a deviant sect and all of it’s descendents are dangerous for a Muslim. You can see from their speech here how different they are from the mainstream Muslims even in the way they speak and the way they quote from whom they quote : He reviled and mocked `Amr ibn al-`Aas in this video at 2:28; May allah guide them

The `Ibadhis describe this book as follows :

Al-Rabii bin Habib Al-Farahidi wrote his prestigious compilation named “Al-Jami’i Al-Sahih” or “Musnad al-Rabi Ibn Habeeb” in the second century A.H. and it is still a reliable reference for Ibadhis in Hadith. It is regarded (according to Ibadhi Muslims) as the second authentic book of Islam after the Holy Qur’an .It ranks higher than the volume (Saheeh) of Al Bukhari and Muslim, because it is tripartite in ascription.


TN : Translator’s Note: 
1) The main author of this book Rabi` ibn Habeeb himself is Majhool

[TN : Ref: in 1995 Shaykh Mashoor ibn Hasan hafidhahullah published a 2 Volume work titled “Kutubun Hadhdhara al-`Ulama’u Minha (“Books the (supposed) Ulema Warned Against”) see Volume 2 Page 295 in it]

2) The second in line below Rabi` in the chain of this bok Abu Ya`qoob Yusuf ibn Ibraahim ibn Siyad al-`Ibadhi (kharjee) he is also Majhool and nor is his `adalah established

We don’t know the chain from Yusuf ibn Ibraahim to Rabi` ibn Habib and nor is there a proven sanad even until Yusuf ibn Ibraahim

3) The so called attributed ustadh of Rabi` ibn Habib i.e  Abu `Ubaydah Muslim ibn Abi Kareem at-tamimi is also Majhool

4) No one among the first three generations and the well known Muhadditheen of that time ever mentioned this book in any of the works

5) Even the narrators within this book such as Bashir ibn Giyath and others are known to be liars and abandoned  thus to call this book “Jaami` as-saheeh” is a pure deception

6) It has fabricated narrations that oppose the Manhaj of Ahlus sunnah such as wiping over the socks and many more

7) As for those (among the sufis) who accept this book then this book also has the narration of the Prophet sallalahu `alahi wa sallam wherein he said not to pray anything behind the Imaam except al-Fatiha for there is no prayer without fatiha. So they should also accept this narration as they accept the book to be Jaami` as-saheeh

8) the narrations in this book opposes a lot of narrations in the Sunni books of saheehayn and others

[Ref: Translated along with some additions from Shaykh al-Muhaddith al-Hafidh Zubayr `Ali Zaee (rahimahullah) Al-Hadees Shumaro no. 106 page 49 ]

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