Refuting the non-Muslims who mock the narration of monkeys stoning to punish an adulterous monkey

Original Hadith : Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun: During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

{Sahih Bukahri, Book #58, Hadith #188}


  1. This hadith nowhere specifies any command or instruction or advice or teaching or an action of rasool (s.a.w)
  1. this hadith is not related to any islamic ruling and no ruling is derived from this hadith because of the stance “days of ignorance” and we all know, what was permissible during the days of ignorance, has been clearly refuted by the advent of Islam. if for the sake of Argument, i agree that such a practise i.e the understanding of stoning of animals among them for adultery, did exists then the cyrstal clear answer to this is the verse ” Today we have perfected you religion for you (Al Maidah)” and Alhumdulillah this practise (of stoning animals) was neither taught nor encouraged nor hinted by the messenger (s.a.w) when the deen was complete 🙂
  1. This is a narration which is traced back to Amr Bin Maimun and not the prophet (s.a.w)


Al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar in [Fath Al-Bari 7/160] said in his commentary on Sahih Al-Bukhari:

Al-Isma’ili narrated a longer version of this story with another chain of narrators in which ‘Eesa Bin Hattan narrated from ‘Amr Bin Maimun that he said:

I was in Yemen tending the sheep of my people up upon an elevation. A male monkey came with a female and laid his head on her hand. Then a smaller monkey came and beckoned towards her, so she gently slipped her hand out from under the cheek of the first monkey and followed him. He mated with her while I looked on. Then she returned and gently tried to slip her hand back under the cheek of the first monkey, but he woke up suddenly, smelled her, and cried out.

Then the monkeys gathered round and he began screaming while pointing towards her with his hand. The monkeys went all about and came back with that monkey that I recognized. They dug a pit for the two of them and stoned them both. So I had witnessed stoning being carried out by other than Adam’s descendants. ”

Amr Bin Maimu, who is Al-Awdi, Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Kufi. He died in the year 74 H. He lived during the pre-Islamic ignorance and during the prophet-hood of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He became a Muslim, but did not see the Prophet (peace be upon him). Therefore, scholars do not consider him a companion (sahabi) of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He was a mukhdharim (a person who embraced Islam during the Prophet’s lifetime but did not meet him), and one of the most senior tabi’oon (i.e. ‘followers’, those Muslims who met the Companions, but not the Prophet (peace be upon him)).

[Ref: Tahthib Al-Tahthib (8/11)]

Ibn Qutaibah Al-Daniwari, may Allah have Mercy have on him, said:

The narration of the monkeys is neither from the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him), nor his Companions. It is only something narrated from ‘Amr Bin Maimun. It is possible that he saw the monkeys stoning a female monkey and thought that she was being stopned because of committing adultery. No one can know this except by speculating, since monkeys cannot themselves tell us. The female monkey he saw mating, it cannot be said whether she committed adultery or not. This is speculation; perhaps the scholar (‘Amr) got to know this from some evidences that we do not know. Indeed, monkeys are the most adulterous (unfaithful to their partners) of all the animals. Arabs have a proverb: “more adulterous than monkeys.” Had the monkeys not been known to be adulterous, this proverb would not have been coined. No animal resembles man in marriage and its related jealousy and possessiveness, more than monkeys. Animals too develop enmity among themselves, pounce on one another and take revenge from each other: some animals bite, claw, smash and break (the bones, body parts etc) of their enemies, while monkey stone each other with their hands which Allah created for them like man stones. Even if the monkeys stoned one of their kind not due to adultery, ‘Amr thought it was due to adultery. This is not implausible. It is also not far fand etched that ‘Amr thought it was adultery or that the stoning was a punishment for adultery, due to some proof, since as I said monkeys are the most possessive and jealous of all animals, and closest in wisdom to mankind.

[Ta’wil Mukhtalif Al-Hadith (pp 255-256)]

Note : the fact that animals, or monkeys in specific resemble humans is not a myth. it is a proven scientific fact, so much so that we have movies based on them and other animals who seem to hear, understand and help us in astonishing ways. one may read or go through the below link to witness the above said :

To see the scientific details regarding their biological structure and etc resembling men please visit :

To see how monkeys even get drunk like humans visit :

To see how monkeys share some more traces of human behavior visit :

These are only a few links. You can do your own research to verify what ive mentioned above is nothing but the truth.

To know how Other animals imitate human behavior see :


Imam Ibn ‘Abdul Barr, may Allah have Mercy on him, said:

“Ascribing adultery to animals and establishment of legal punishments among them is rejected (munkar) by a group of scholars.” [Al-Istee’ab fi Ma’rifat Al-Ashab (3/1206)]

Imam al-Qurtubi said, may Allah have Mercy on him, said:

“If this narration is authentic, then Al-Bukhari reported it only to prove that that ‘Amr Bin Maimun also lived during the pre-Islamic period, without caring for what he speculated in his pre-Islamic days.” [Al-Jami’ li ahkam al-Qur’an (1/442)]

Sheikh Al-Albani, may Allah have Mercy on him, said:

“This narrative is mukar [rejected]. How is it possible for man to know that monkeys marry, and that their nature dictates them to protect their honor so that an unfaithful and adulterous monkey is killed? Even if we suppose that this is how things are in the monkey world, then how did ‘Amr Bin Maimun knew that the female monkey was stoned due to adultery? ” [Mukhatasir Sahih al-Bakhari by Al-Albani (2/535)]

Also, it is not impossible that this story is real and the speculation of ‘Amr is correct, since the animal world is full of wonders. Ancient Arabs used to say: “Marriage and jealousy are combined in nothing except in man and monkey,” [‘Uyun Al-Akhbar by Ibn Qutaibah (page 172)]

In fact, Imam Ibn Taymiah said:

“Similar things were witness by people in our times in species other than monkeys, even birds.” [Majmu’ Al-Fatawa (11/545)]

Conclusion for Non Muslims :

this is a personal speculation of Amr (r.h) and has nothing to do with Islam. It is evident that Amr (r.h) was only connecting what he witnessed earlier, with an Islamic ruling applicable to humans only. It is like you seeing two cats fight fiercely with each other and relate it to how you and your friend fought . In other words, to help with an example I’d say , attributing what the mughals did to Islamic rulings, is like accusing the entire religion for the foolishness of an insignificant individual/group

Conclusion for Muslims :

this is not a part of shariah and don’t be surprised oh believers for the ants spoke to sulayman (a.s) , the birds who destroyed the army of Abraha attacking the kaaba, the trees and birds , mountains and stones conveying their saltulations to rasool (s.a.w), the miraculous speaking of isa (a.s) when he was a baby and various other miracles of Allah. this is not to associate the above hadith with these miracles, but rather i have mentioned it only to make you understand that, there are more astonishing matters than this yet we believe in it 🙂

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