Introduction to al-Ilzamat of Daraqutni by Muqbil ibn Hadi

Introduction to al-Ilzamat of Daraqutni by Muqbil ibn Hadi

Translator’s Note and Index : 

I took on this small project work with the intention of adding this work to our ongoing series “ defending saheeh al-Bukhaari “  on and to serve as an answer against the accusations of munkirul hadeeth on the hadeeth status of saheehyan.

While Shaykh Muqbil did not go in depth with analysing and explaining the answers to the `Ilal pointed out by Hafidh ad-daraqutni, but his 20 page introduction sure teaches us and even the hadeeth rejector religion much regarding the nature of the criticism of scholars upon saheehayn.

The language of shaykh muqbil and his sentence construction combined with the mustalah of hadeeth sciences is not something easy to translate, atleast for me. So I request you to e-mail any flaws or errors found herein at . Footnotes have been added now and then to clarify certain wordings, terminologies while others have been left as it is presuming the one reading this and studying it would be a student of hadeeth sciences.

Index :


  • The fallacies (awhaam) of Hafidh Daraqutni rahimahullah in (his book) at-tattabu`


  • The agreement of Nawawi and Hafidh ibn Hajar and other Huffadh regarding the critique of Daqarutni on some instances


  • About the addition of a trustworthy narrator


  • Some difficulties that I (Muqbil ibn hadi) came across during research


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