Weak Hadeeth #15: The people will need ulema even in jannah

أهل الجنة يحتاجون إلى العلماء، وذلك بأنهم يزورون ربهم في كل جمعة، فيقول: تمنوا فيلتفتون إلى العلماء فيقولون (3) : ما نتمنى؟ فيقولون: تمنوا عليه كذا وكذا، فهم يحتاجون إليهم في الجنة.

Rough translation
‘Indeed the inhabitants of Jannah will need the ‘Ulama therein. That is because they will visit Allah Ta’ala every Friday. Allah Ta’ala will say:
‘Ask from me what you wish’
The inhabitants of Jannah will then turn to the ‘Ulama to ask what should they wish for?
The ‘Ulama will answer them appropriately. Hence they will need the ‘Ulama in Jannah just as they needed them in the world.
[Ref: Musnad Firdows (1/2/269); Ibn `Asaakir (1/345/14); Ibn Dawalabi in Fadhail `ulema (2/115); and maybe quoted by others]
Status : Fabricated 
1) Weakness 
There could be more than one but i’ll just mention one.
One of The narrator  in this chain  مجاشع بن عمرو [أبو يوسف] is a fabricator as reported both in Meezan al-`Itidaal (7066) as well as Leesan al-Meezan (6306( .
1.1) Yahya ibn Ma`een said he is one of the liars 
قال ابن معين: قد رأيته أحد الكذابين.
1.2) Uqayli said his narrations are munkar
وقال العقيلي: حديثه منكر.
1.3) Imam bukhari said he is rejected and  unknown
قال البخاري: مجاشع بن عَمْرو أبو يوسف منكر مجهول
1.4) Imam Hakim said he is munkar ul-hadeeth
1.5) Abu Haatim ar-razee said his narrations are abandoned , weak and he is nothing 
1.6) Abu Haatim al-Busti said he used to fabricate ahadeeth against the thuqaat . it is not permitted to write from him
1.7) Abu Nua`aym in his hilyatul awliya mentioned him saying he is not to be relied upon
1.8) Ibn Taahir said he saw him fabricate narrations upon the thiqaat 
1.9) Imam ad-daraqutni mentioned him in his dhu`fa wal-Matrookeen 
1.10) Imam dhahabi and ibn hajar asqalani both said he used to fabricate narrations [see meezan al-`itidaal and leesan] 
2) Scholars verdict on this riwayat
2.1) Imam dhahabi rejected this hadeeth in Meezan (7066)
2.2) Imam ibn hajar also declared this to be a fabrication (Leesan 6306)
2.3) Shaykh al-Albaanee in silsilah dha`eefah (3172) grades this as fabrication
2.4) Imam suyuti and Mullah ali qaari also consider this to be a fabrication [Ref: Dhaylul La-ali, hadith: 198 & Al-Masnu’, hadith: 53. Also see Faydul Qadir, hadith: 2235]
 As for the virtues of scholars, their importance, and the obligation to study and take from them in matters of deen, then we have a lengthy article with ahadeeth and athaar both on this issue : http://the-finalrevelation.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-obligation-and-importance-of.html


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