Weak and Saheeh ahadeeth concerning the virtues of Dhul Hijjah


It Is Narrated From Anas (may Allaah Be Pleased With Him) That The Prophet (Peace And Blessings Of Allaah Be Upon Him) Said: “There Is No Deed That Is Better Before Allaah or more greatly rewarded than a good deed done in the (first) ten days of al-Adha. “It was said:” Not even jihad for the sake of Allaah? “He said:” Not even jihad for the sake of Allaah, unless a man goes out himself for jihad taking his wealth with him and does not come back with anything. “

[Ref: Narrated by al-Daarimi, 1/357; Is hasan Isnaad Its As Stated In al-Irwa ‘, 3/398.] Prophet (Salla-Allaahu’ Alayhi wa Sallam) Said: “The Best Days Of The Dunyah (This Worldly Life) Are The Ten Days (Of Dhul-Hijjah ) “- [Reported By al-Bazzar (1/234). By Authenticated Was It Shaykh al-Albani In Sahihul-Jami (No.1133).] Ibn Hajar [May Allaah Have Mercy On Him] Said In Fath al-Baaree: What Is Apparent To Me That Is The Reason For Being These Ten Days so virtuous is because these ten days gather all the best forms of worship one can possibly do. These include as-Salaah, as-Saum, as-Sadaqah and Hajj, and these acts of worship can not be combined except in the first ten days of Hajj. Quote End. Ibn Rajab [May Allaah Have Mercy On Him] In Lataa’if Said al-Ma’arif: Allaah, The Glorified, Has Placed In The Acts Of Worship That Do The Believers, Sense Of Enjoyment As They Perform To The Rituals the Ancient House. This act of worship of Hajj can not be carried out by everybody on an annual basis, therefore it has been made ​​obligatory to do this ritual of Hajj once a lifetime and thus these ten days have been made ​​virtuous so that those who are unable to come and are left in their homes are able to contribute and take part in the blessings of these ten days. Quote End. It Was Asked To Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah [May Allaah Have Mercy On Him] Which Are The Most Virtuous, The First Ten Days Of Dhu al-Hijjah Or The Last Ten Nights Of Ramadhaan. Replied By Saying He: The First Ten Days Of Dhu al-Hijjah Are The Best Days Throughout The Year, Even Then The Last Ten Days Of Ramadhaan. However, the last ten nights of Ramadhaan are the best nights in the year including the first ten nights in Dhu al-Hijjah. End quote. The Prophet, peace be upon him fast for nine of the argument and the day of Ashura, three days of each month.The first two Thursdays of the month and The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to fast on the first nine days of Dhu’l-Hijjah and the day of ‘Ashoora’, and three days each month, the first Monday of the And Two Thursdays Month. [Ref: Narrated By al-Nasaa’i, 4/205 And By Abu Dawood; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 2 / 462.Some have classified as Da`eef, some have classified it as Saheeh / Hassan. Either ways, until a prohibition to this `amal of fasting is not apparent there is no harm in fasting these days for if fasting on a regular day distances a Muslim from hellfire for a span of 70 years [Saheeh Muslim] then how about fasting during the first 9-10 days of Dhul Hijjah which are the most beloved of days to Allah? ] It Was Narrated From ‘Abd-Allaah Ibn’ Umar (may Allaah Be Pleased With Him) That The Prophet (Peace And Blessings Of Allaah Be Upon Him) Said: “There Are No Days That Are Greater Before Allaah Or In Which Good Deeds More To Beloved Are Him, Than These Ten Days, So Recite A Great Deal Of Tahleel, Takbeer And Tahmeed During Them. “[Ref: Narrated By Ahmad’s Profile, 7/224; its isnaad was classed as saheeh by Ahmad Shaakir 7/224 and 9/14; Also by many other scholars such as Al-Mundhari in Targheeb wa Tarheeb 2/191; Al-Haythami in Majma` az-Zawaid 4/20; by Damietta in 153 / Store winner; Al Busayri said this is Hassan in Athaf benevolent skilled 3/170 – and others. This Is Classified As Weak By Shaykh Albaanee Though] Takbeer: Allahu akbar (God Is Most Great)Tahmeed: Al-Hamdu Lillah (Trade shows All Praises Be To God) Tahleel: Laa Ilaha Ill-Allah (There Is No God But Allah) Tasbeeh: Subhaan-Allah (Glory Be To God), Even If This Hadeeth Is Weak, Yet The Virtues Of Reciting The Above Tasbeeyaat Are Well Known, Some Of Which Are: Hallelujah, praise be to Allah, and no God but Allah, and Allah is the greatest – SubhanAllah , WalHamdulilah, wa La Illaha IlAllahu, WaAllahu Akbar (Glory Be To Allah, Trade shows All Praise Is For Allah, There Is No God But Allah, Allah Is The Greatest) Prophet (Saw) Said: “The Above Are Mentioned As The Four Most Beloved To Allah Words. It Does Not Matter With Which One Of Them Is Begun “[Sahih Muslim; 3 #: 1685.]

Abu Sa`id Reported That The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi Wasalam) Said, “The Enduring Perform Goods Deeds (al-al-SaliHaat Baaqiyaat) More Frequently.” They asked, “What are these enduring good deeds?” Prophet Replied The: Takbir [Allahu Akbar], Tahlil [la Ilaha Illallah], Tasbih [Subhan’Allah], Alhamdulillah, la And Hawla wa la Illa Quwwata billah
[An-Nasa’ee And Hakim, Who Said Its Chain Is Sahih. ]

Hallelujah, and praise be to Allah, and no God but Allah, and Allah is the greatest – SubhanAllah, walHamdulilah, wa La illaha ilAllahu, waAllahu Akbar (Glory be to Allah, All Praise is for Allah, There is No God but Allah, Allah is the Greatest ) Prophet Muhammad (Saw Said: “For Me To Say (The Above) Is Dearer To Me And All That The Sun Rises Upon (Ie The Whole world) [Sahih Muslim; # 4: 2072.] Abu Musa al-Ashari (RadiyAllahu ‘Anhu)


Is Reported To Have Said:
“The Du’aa Is Not Rejected During These Days Of Dhul-Hijjah.”

(Lataaif p. 377) Some Other Types Of Good Deeds One That Could Do During These Days may Consists Of A Moving rock from the road, greeting your brother, helping some old or blind man cross the road, planting a tree, reciting Qur`an, praying, fasting, giving in charity, upholding ties of kinship, learning and spreading Islam, donating to Islamic causes , Sponsoring An Orphan, So On And So Forth.


Some Of These Narrations Have Certain Statements That Are Authentically Proven From Other Ahadeeth, Or Are Correct In Meaning

what of the days of love to God to worship him where ten of the argument is equivalent to fasting every day, including fasting years, and do every night, including the fact that much of the night

“There are no days more beloved to Allaah that He is worshiped in except the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, fasting one of its days is equal to fasting a Year Whole, And Staying Up At Night In Prayer Is Equal To Staying Up On Laylatul Qadr.

 “[Inauthentic: Abu ‘Eesa [At Tirmidhee] Stated:’ This Hadeeth Is Ghareeb … ‘, Refer To: Da’eef Sunan At Tirmidhee, Da’eef Sunan ibn Maajah # 377, al Miskhkaat # 1471, Da’eef al Jaami ‘as Sagheer # 5161, Da’eef at Targheeb wat Tarheeb # 123 and as Silsilah ad Da’eefah # 5142. Sunan an-Nasa`ee , Vol. 1, Book 7, Hadith 1728; Da`eef by al-Baghawi in Sharh as-Sunnah 2/624; Ibn Rajab in Fath al-Bari 6/119; In-Dhahabi Adh Meezan il-`Itidaal 4/100. This Hadeeth Has Different Wordings. Also See Ibn Hajar’s Fath al-Baaree (2/461) And Shu`aib al-Arna’oot This Declared To Be Weak As Well Due To the narrators Mas`ood ibn Waasil and his teacher]

of ten hath fasted all day fasting month, and has a fast day perfusion years, and has a fast day of Arafah two 

Whoever fasts the first ten [days of Dhul Hijjah] would receive [the reward of] a Month’s Fast For Every Day, [The Reward Of] A Year For Fasting On The Day Of Tarwiyah (Eight Day Of Dhul Hijjah) And [The Reward Of] Two Years For Fasting On The Day Of ‘Arafah.

“[Fabricated: Ibn Hibbaan stated: ‘It is so clear that this is a lie that it does not even need to be labeled.’ Mawdoo’aat By Ibn al al Jawzee: 2/112, al-id Fawaa al Majmoo’ah # 30 And Tanzeeh Ash Sharee’ah al Marfoo’ah: 2/187]  Note FYI: For Those Who Are Unaware About The Term ‘ Tarwiyah ‘Then This Day Has Its Routes Traced Back To The Pilgrimage Of The Prophet (Saw). See This: Narrated’ Abdul ‘Aziz Bin Rufai: I Asked Anas Bin Malik, “Tell Me What You Remember From Allah’s Apostle (Regarding These Questions ): Where did he offer the Zuhr and ‘Asr prayers on the day of tarwiya (8th day of Dhul-Hajja)? “He replied,” (He offered these prayers) at Mina. “I asked,” Where did he offer the ‘Asr Prayer On The Day Of Nafr (Ie Departure From Mina On The 12th Or the 13th Of Dhul-Hijja)? “He Replied,” At Al-Abtah, “And Then Added,” You Should Do As Your Chiefs Do.   “[ Bukhari]


fast the first day of the ten modifies a hundred years and today the second modifies two hundred years if the day perfusion modifies a thousand years and fasting the day of Arafa amends two thousand years

“Fasting the first day of the first ten days [of Dhul Hijjah] is equal to a hundred years, The Second Day Is Equal To Two Hundred Years, Fasting On The Day Of al Tarwiyah (Eighth Day Of Dhul-Hijja) Is Equal To A Thousand Years And Fasting On The Day Of ‘Arafah Is Equal To Two Thousand Years.

 “[Fabricated, refer to: Tadhkirat al Mawdoo’aat # 119, Mawsoo’at al Ahaadeeth was Aathaar ad Da’eefah wal Mawdoo’ah # 13434] fasting on perfusion expiation years, and fasting the day of Arafa expiation for two years

“Fasting on the day of al Tarwiyah expiates a Year Fasting And Whole On The Day Of ‘Arafah Expiates Two Years.

 “[Inauthentic, Refer To: Da’eef al Jaami’ As Sagheer # 3501 And Irwaa al Ghaleel 4/121]
Also There Are Authentic Ahadeeth Indicating That Fasting On The Day of `Arafah expiates the sins of two years. Musnad Ahmad’s Profile See, Hadith 22517 And Graded As Saheeh By Albaanee (rh) In In Sahih al-Hadith 955 Irwa 4/111 See This Document For The Rulings On Arafah: Http://the-finalrevelation.blogspot.in/2012/10 /the-day-of-arafah-its-virtues-and.html

was fast nine of the argument, and the day of Ashura, and three days of each month; the first Monday of the month, and Thursday, and Monday from Friday and

The Messenger of Allaah – God bless him him – Used To Fast Nine Days Of Dhul Hijjah, The Day Of ‘Arafah, Three Days Of Every Month, The First Monday Of Every Month And Thursdays Mondays And After The Second Jum’ah.

“[Inauthentic, Az Zayla’ee Stated: ‘It is inauthentic.’ To Da’eef al Refer Jaami ‘As Sagheer # 4570. The Statement In Red Represent The Weak Khabar] Note:

This Does Not Contradict The Authentic Ahadeeth That Inform Us Regarding The Prophet (Saw) Fasting On Monday’s And Thursdays And The Three Days Of evey month (Yaum al beed).   Rather the weakness to be paid attention to here is in the last sentence marked in red

are of better days when God does not work deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days – I mean, of the ten -, Voktheroa therein trumpeted zoom and remembrance of Allah, and to work in them doubles Besbamaip

There are no days that acts of worship are more beloved to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, except these days [ie the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah] so practice a lot of Tahleel, Takbeer Remembrance Of Allaah And. Actions In This Month Are Multiplied By Seven Hundred.
“[Inauthentic, Refer To: Da’eef At Targheeb wat Tarheeb 1/364 * Abu ‘Eesa (Ie Imaam al-Tirmidhee) Said After Quoting This Hadeeth:” This Hadeeth is “Gharib” (strange), we do not know of it except as a narration of Mas`ood bin Waasil from An-Nahhaas. (He furthers said 🙂 I asked Muhammad (ie Imaam al-Bukhaaree) about this Hadeeth and he did not know of it’s like from other than this route (ie there is no other chain of narration except for this one) .The defect in this chain is because of Mas`ood bin Waasil who was declared as weak by Ibn Jawzi, Ad-Daraqutnee, Ibn Hajar, Sulaimaan bin Dawood al-Tayaalisee, al-Mizzie, al-Baghawi, al-Bayhaqi, adh-Dhahabi. Even his (Mas`ood bin Waasil’s) teacher Nahhaas bin Qahm was declared to have a bad memory and weak by Yahya ibn Sa`eed, Abu Haatim al-Raazee, Abu Ja`far al-`Uqaili, Abu Haatim bin Hibbaan, Abu dawood, An-Nasa`ee, adh-Dhahabi.]  Now Though This Hadeeth Via This Is Classified Route To Be Weak But We Have Seen Above In The Authentic Section Of How The Reciting Takbeer, Tahleel, Tamheed, Dhikr Allah Is Virtuous. Apart From This E Have Another General Hadeeth Wherein Allah Says: And It Is Reported From [The Prophet] – Allah Bless Him And Grant Him Peace – That He Said: ‘Every Action From The Son Of Adam Is Multiplied [Ie In Its Reward] . Good Action Has Every The Likes Of Ten Or Rewards Multiplied Up To Seven Hundred Times [Muslim, Sahih (# 1151).] So What Could Be Said Is That We Do Not Have An Authentic Narration That Describes The Exact Number Or Amount Of Reward The First Ten During Days Of Dhul Hijjah Let Alone For The Entire Month And This Is Apparent As The Above Is Weak Hadeeth. However the virtues of Dhikr Allah and the number of times Allah may multiply a reward in general are known and a slave may expect the same In sha allah during these beloved days of Dhul Hijjah but without affirming it’s attribution to the prophet or Allah as the ahadeeth In Regards To The Specific Numbers / Amount Of Reward During The First Ten Days Of Dhul Hijjah Are Weak. 


for Awzaa’i God’s mercy said that work on the day of the ten days Kkdr foray in the way of Allah, Issam its days guarded night is on sale!, except that specializes Imru testimony  told me this modern man Makhzoom of the sons of the Prophet peace be upon him


On the authority of Al Awzaa’ee – may Allaah have mercy upon him: “It has reached me that actions of worship in the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are equal to In The Cause Battling Of Allaah. Its Days Are Spent In Fasting And Its Nights Are Spent In Prayer, Except A Man Who Has Been Specified With Shahaadah. ” A man from Banee Makhzoom narrated this to me on the authority of the Prophet – peace be upon him.

  [Inauthentic, Refer To: Da’eef At Targheeb wat Tarheeb 1/365. Translator’s note: The meaning of this   Hadeeth is authentic without the phrase ‘Its days are spent in fasting and its nights are spent in prayer’ refer to Saheeh ibn Hibaab # 3853 by al Albaanee.]

Four did not Adahn Prophet, peace be upon him: Siam Ashura, and ten, and three days of each month, and two rak’ahs before the morning, 

“Four things the Prophet – peace be upon him – never used to leave off; fasting on ‘Aashooraa, the ten days of Dhul Hijjah, three days of every month and two Before Sunrise Rak’aat.

 “[Inauthentic: Irwaa al Ghaleel 4/111 And Saheeh Sunan An Da’eef wa-ee Nasaa # 2416. However, There Are Other Authentic Narrations That Show That The Prophet (Saw) Would Never Leave The 2 The Fajr Before Rak`ah salah, And That He Used To Fast Three Days Of Every Month Of Him And Fasting During Dhul Hijjah] 

It was said in the last ten days: each day a thousand days, and the day of Arafah: Ten days on, I mean in the credit 

“The Messenger – God bless him – used to say on the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah; ‘For every day is [the reward Of] A Thousand Days, And Of The Day ‘Arafah Is Worth Ten Of Those Days In Reward.’
 “[Inauthentic. To Refer: Da’eef At Targheeb wat Tarheeb 1/365]

“that the young man was the owner heard was if Is Crescent of the argument became fasting sent to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said what carries you to fast these days? Said my father and my mother, O Messenger of God These are days of feelings and the days of Hajj May God Almighty to share with me in prayers, and he said you all day hundred neck Tatgaha justice, and one hundred neck Tahedeha to the house of God, and one hundred horse carrying them in the way of Allah If the day perfusion, it was amended thousand neck, and a thousand camel, and A mare carrying them for God’s sake if the Day of Arafat, it was amended two thousand neck, and two thousand camel, and two thousand bear it for the sake of God, and fasting two years before that, and two years later 

 “Their was a young man who used to engage in singing, and if the moon of Dhul Hijjah is sighted he fast. The Messenger of Allaah – God bless him – sent for him and asked; ‘What makes you fast these days?’ He responded; ‘They are the days of the Mashaa’ir and Hajj, I hope that Allaah the Mighty and Majestic would include me in their Du’aa.’ Said He: ‘Every Day Fast Would You Be Equal To One Hundred Freeing Slaves … “To The End Of The Narration.

  [Fabricated, Refer To: Al Mawdoo’aat: 2/111, Tanzeeh Ash Sharee’ah: 2/148, al Fawaa-id al Majmoo’ah: 95]

in the first day of the argument God forgive it to Adam and fasted this day, Allah will forgive him all the guilt
and on the second day of God responded to the Prophet Joseph, and fasted that day like Abdullah year and did not disobey God blink of an eye
and on the third day God answered a prayer of Zechariah, and fasted that day God responded advocates
and on the fourth day was born Jesus peace be upon him, and fasted that day denied God by Elias and poverty and in the Day of Resurrection cornered with esteemed trip
and a day the fifth was born Moses, peace be upon him, and from fasted this day acquitted of hypocrisy and torment of the grave
and on the sixth day God opened to the Prophet Muhammad pbuh well, and from fasted seen God him for mercy and never punish him
and on the seventh day shut the gates hell, and from fasted closed God had thirty Pope of hardship and God opened his thirtieth Pope of goodness
and on the eighth day called ischemia day and from fasted give him a reward that no one knows except God
and on the ninth day and is the Day of Arafat from fasted God forgive him the year before and one year
after, and in the tenth day of the Eid al-Adha and the oblation and a sacrifice and slaughter at the first drop of the blood of the sacrifice God forgive his sins and the sins of his children. It is fed as a believer and incredible charity of God on the Day of Resurrection safe and have his balance heavier than mount a 

“On The First Day Of Dhul Hijjah, Allaah Forgave Adam, So Whoever Fasts This Day Would Have All His Sins Forgiven By Allaah. On The Second Day , Allaah Responded To Yusuf, So Whoever Fasts This Day, It Is As If He Worshiped Allaah For A Whole Year Without Ever Disobeying Him. On The Third Day, Allaah Responded To Zakariyyah’s Suplication, So Whoever Fasts On This Day Would Have Is Supplication Responded … To “And Likewise The Khabar Continues Until The Tenth Day.


[This Is Fabrication Propagated On Online Forums, Pages And Etc But A Source For It Could Not Be Found. There are many such narrations such as the reward of Umrah when a husband and wife look at each other with love, or the reward of seventy sahaabas for those who are fighting in the land of Al-Aqsa and so on and so forth. The liars have attributed these narrations to Bukhaari / Tirmidhi and to Musnad Ahmad respectively.]

Whoever fasts on eight of ten of the argument; wrote his fasting sixty months

“Whoever fasts on the 28th of Dhul Hijjah would have 60 months of fasting written for him … “
  [Inauthentic, Refer To Silsilat al Ahaadeeth Ad Da’eefah: 10/594]

it was if he missed something of Ramadan; spent in ten of the argument

“If the Messenger of Allaah – God bless him – missed some days in Ramadaan, he would Up On Them Make Dhul Hijjah.

 “[Inauthentic, Refer To Silsilat al Ahaadeeth Ad Da’eefah: 12/989. Though this hadeeth is weak but if someone wants to make up her or his missed fasts as per the condition he is subjected to, then he can make up for them during these days as well. this is acceptable and permitted in the light  of Islamic Shar`iah]

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