The validity of usage of more than merely harsh & insulting words & gestures when apt

In Defense of Shaykh Waseeullah `Abbas hafidhahullah and the term ‘Ennuch’ used by him
I am not defending the usage of that word for Mufti menk but i am drafting this note to counter those who are making a mountain of a mole.  Some sufis and especially deobandhis and barelvis are using this opportunity to hit back at salafis and what not totally forgetting that their scholars books are filled with (excuse me) pornographic and what’s worse is shirkiyah and blasphemous comments against Allah and his Messenger such as
and much more. They think blasphemy and shirkiyah statements are less “disgusting” than the term “enuch” used by Shaykh waseeullah `abbas that too in a general comparative tone and not in particular against Mufti Menk. [As he clarified yesterday]
So you see hanfis using this term against the shaykh while they have more serious blasphemous issues from their own hanfi scholars that they need to ridicule and mock instead of someone who calls towards the tawheed of Allah and against hijacking the deen (bid`ah).
I begin with the statement wherein The prophet sallalahu `alayhi wa sallam said
“Overlook the slips of respected people.” [Ref: Adab al-Mufrad] 
A) Harsh and insulting words and phrases used by Allah – some that are infinite times more offensive than “enuch” 
‘Be apes, despised!’” (Surat al-Baqarah 65).
compared disbelievers with a special trait to dogs (Al-A’raaf: 176)
Calling jewish scholars as donkeys (Al-Jumu’a: 5)
The Umpteen curses of Allah  that one may find more offensive if he has the brains to realize his own creator is cursing him and much more
B)  Harsh words used by the prophet sallalahu `alayhi wa sallam some of which are 100 folds more offensive than enuch
B.1) The prophet said (quoting a comparative example) “as the person who takes back what he has given in charity, IS LIKE A DOG that swallows back its vomit.” [Ref: Bukhaari]
B.2) The most merciful of Allah’s creation said about the sahaabi  Abus-Sanaabil  that he lied [Ref: Bukhaari]
B.3) The most merciful rebuked a sahaabi with a very serious rebuke saying ““Are you making me an equal to Allaah?! ” [Ref: Musnad Ahmad (1/214, 224, 283, and 347)]
B.4) A Sahabi was giving a normal exortation to the Muslims and he made a mistake so the prophet rebuked him in front of everyone saying ““How miserable a preacher you are” [Ref: Saheeh Muslim 2007]
B.5) The prophet rebuking and correcting Mu`adh ibn Jabal r.a calling him a fattan (one who makes fitnah)
أَفَتَّانٌ أَنْتَ يَا مُعَاذُ؟ أَفَتَّانٌ أَنْتَ [Ref: Musnad Shaf`ee]
C.1) Ibn `Umar was reported to curse a man in such a harsh way that I have never seen him do before [Ref: Jami` Bayan al-`Ilmi wa Fadhluh, 2/139,]
C.2) `Ali and Abbas r.a a. in a dispute called each other  a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest [Ref: Muslim and others]
C.3) `Umar r.a insulting a man in public said ” أحائض أنت ” are you having your periods (like how women do) ?  [Ref: Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah, 8/393]
C.4) `Abdullah ibn Zubayr r.a spoke about Ibn `Abbas by saying “Allah has made some people hearts blind as they as He has made their eyes blind” [Ref: Saheeh Muslim]
I don’t know what’s a bigger insult to be called someone whom Allah has made blind , or allah’s curse upon you, or a hyporcite or a liar (one of the signs of nifaq) or…. an enuch?
C.5) A man praised someone on his face and Al Miqdaad ibn al Aswad threw sand at him again and again ! [Musnad Ahmad, via wakee` via Hammam ibn Harith]
C.6) Hamza bin ‘Abdul Muttalib came out and said, ‘O Siba’. O Ibn Um Anmar, the one who circumcises other ladies! Do you challenge Allah and His Apostle?‘ [Ref: Bukhaari] What’s a bigger insult? being compared to an enuch in general or being called as one who does female circumcision back then (i.e a man of no honour or respect almost like an enuch)
C.7) `Aisha r.a said to the jews “Upon you be death and the curse of Allāh O brothers of apes and pigs!” And she cursing some people [Ref: Ibn Hibban 3098]
C.8) The sahaaba calling each other Munafiq [bu Ya’laa in his Musnad (3/1317) ]
Munafiq vs enuch? what is a bigger insult?
C.9) `Umar r.a beating someone splitting his head open only because he argued on the mutashabiha verses of qur`an [Ref: Sharh Usool I’tiqaad (3/635-636) of al Laalikaa’ee]
D)  HARS WORDS USED BY THE SALAF [see D.2 especially where the Imaam called every one who dislikes hadeeth (90% of the Ahl al-Bid`ah today as enuch] 
D.1) `Amr ibn Ubayd spoke something incorrectly about the decree, to which Waki` bin al-Jarrah, and he said, ‘Whoever says this is to be asked to repent, if he repents it is accepted, otherwise, his neck is to be struck.’” [Ref: Ash-Shari`ah, pg. 227]
D.2)  Abu Bakr al-Hudhlee said, “Az-Zuhree said to me: O Hudhlee! Do the Hadeeth not amaze you? I said, “Yes”. He said, “Indeed, the masculine ones amongst the men are amazed (i.e. interested in) by hadeeth and the effeminate/enuch ones amongst them do not like it”. [Ref: Tahdheeb Sharaf Ashaabul-Hadeeth of al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee (p.80-84)]
D.3)  The jurist Taghri Barmash ibn Yusuf Al-Qahiri Al-Hanafi (d 823H) Taqiyudin Al-Fasi wrote about him in “‘Aqd Ath-Thameen”: He would do mubalaghah in his blame of Ibn ‘Arabi and his followers. Sometimes he would destroy some of his books by deleting them (in water) or by burning them and sometimes he would attach “Al-Fusus” to the tail of a dog as it is said. He had asked our Shaykh Shaykhul Islam Sirajudin Al-Bulqini and other great scholars of the four Madhaib in Cairo about Ibn ‘Arabi and his books, and they gave him a Fatwa condemning Ibn ‘Arabi and his books and allowing their destruction. So he would openly condemn ibn ‘Arabi, his followers and books, and he would repeat this time after time.” [Ref: I don’t remember but i believe to be benifited with this quote from ustadh `Ali hasan khan]
D.4) Ibn al-Qayyim calling a particular group of Muslims to be more misguided than the animals (includes pigs , dogs, you name it ) [Ref: ad-Da` page 18]
D.5) Imaam Ali bin Hasan bin Shaqiq al-Marwazi, called a person who interrupted during a hadeeth class as one who brayed like a donkey due to which he could not hear that hadeeth [Ref: al-Kifayah, 234-235]
The salaf called people retards, compared them to those who were killed via crucification or whippings, called the sufis as jokers and enemies of Allah (a more serious insult than an enuch) and much much more. If many of us were to read it our eye brows would go up. Then what about someone from 2015 ? An Old Shaykh whom i spoke to many times and people know he doesn’t speak like that in general nor habitual and his one slip makes you mock and ridicule him? Woe to you Hanfis and ghayr Hanfi Muqallideen , you dare throw stones when your own houses are of glass? 
Ibn al-Qayyim’s statement seems it calls everyone who used this mistake of shaykh waseeullah to attack him as WORSE THAN PIGS
Some people have a nature similar to the one of pigs, which doesn´t appreciate good food and rushes towards faeces if a man relieves himself. Many people are like this. If they hear about or see with their own eyes your good qualities, even if these exceed your flaws by far, it doesn´t please them, they don´t pay attention to it nor do they mention it to other people. But if they see the least mistake in talk or action, they react immediately and wholeheartedly.
[Ref: Madarij As-Salikin (1/435)]
Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimahullah said:
وَالنَّاس يَحْتَاجُونَ إلَى مُدَارَاة وَرِفْق، الْأَمْر بِالْمَعْرُوفِ بِلَا غِلْظَة إلَّا رَجُل مُعْلَن بِالْفِسْقِ فَقَدْ وَجَبَ عَلَيْك نَهْيُهُ وَإِعْلَامه
“People need politeness and kindness, and enjoining what is good without harshness, except a man who does evil openly, who must be told and stopped (harshly)”
[Ref: Al-Adaab al-Shar’iyyah (1/191)]
I had an entire lengthy compilation on this topic but i have censored some and not listed many so as to not make it a source of ‘daleel’ to abuse others (such as the famously known group for abusive speech the Takfeeris and Neo Khawarij are known for taking any and every line as their supposed daleel)


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