Refuting the doubts of Munkirul Hadeeth in brief by Shaikh Rafiq Tahir

Table of Contents

Doubt # 1 : Hadeeth is Dhanni (ظني) and not Qati` (i.e definitive or yaqeeni proof)
– Analysing their argument
– Translators Note

Doubt # 2 : Ahadeeth contradicts the Qur’an
– Translator’s Note

Doubt # 3 : Ahadeeth contradict intellect or logic
– Translator’s Note

Doubt # 4 : Ahadeeth are against or contradictory to (manmade) science
– Translators Note

Doubt #5: Ahadeeth contradict each other

Doubt #6 : Allah took the responsibility of protecting the Qur’an and not the prophetic traditions

Doubt #7 : Hadeeth is in contradiction to History
– Translator’s Note

The rules of reconciling – In brief and summarized
– End of Translation from Shaykh Rafiq Tahir’s audio regarding Munkirul Hadeeth

Some weak reports Munkirul Hadeeth give to support their modern day religion

– Recommended read

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