Weak Hadeeth #4: Remember Allah so much that the hypocrites say you’re showing off or are mad

515 – ” اذكروا الله ذكرا يقول المنافقون: إنكم تراءون “.

From Ibn `Abbas that the Prophet (s.a.w) said : “Remember Allah so much that the Munafiqeen say he is showing off! “

Narrated by Tabraani in (1/77/3); Abu Nu`aym in Hilya (3/80-81) from the route :

بسنده عن سعيد بن سفيان الجحدري عن الحسن بن أبي جعفر عن عقبة بن أبي ثبيت الراسبي عن أبي الجوزاء عن ابن عباس مرفوعا.

wherein  الحسن بن أبي جعفر is alone in narrating this version (with تراءون)  and some have praised him with regards to fadhail but rarely in regards to his dhabt in hadeeth.  The following are some of the muhadditheen who commented on him
1) Abul Farj Ibn al-Jawzi said he is Dha`eef
2) Abu Haatim ar-Raazi said : He is not strong in hadeeth and (some of) his narrations are rejected (Munkar)
3) Abu Dawood al-Sijastaani said : لم يكن بجيد العقدة and elsewhere said not to write his hadeeth
4) Abu Zur`ah ar-Raazi said : He is not strong
5) Abu Nu`aym al-Asbahaani said : Munkar ul-Hadeeth
6) Ahmad ibn Hanbal said : Dha`eef and elsewhere said leave him
7) أحمد بن شعيب النسائي said : Dha`eef and Matrook ul-Hadeeth
8) أحمد بن صالح الجيلي  said Dha`eef
9) Ibn Hajar Asqalani said : Weak in hadeeth with regards to both (ahadeeth in matters of) `Ibaadah as well as virtues

10) Daraqutni said : He is not strong in hadeeth and in his Sunan he said Dha`eef

11) Adh-Dhahabi said he’s Dha`eef
12) زكريا بن يحيى الساجي  said he is Munkar ul-Hadeeth
13) `Ali ibn Madeeni said : Dha`eef Dha`eef !
14) Imam Bukhaari said : Munkar ul-Hadeeth
15) Yahya ibn Sa`eed al-Qattan said : Dha`eef
16) Yahya ibn Ma`een said : He’s nothing
17) يعقوب بن سفيان الفسوي said Dha`eef
18) عمرو بن علي الفلاس said honest but his hadeeth are rejected
Imam al-Mundhari and Bayhaqi (in Sh`ab al-Emaan) bought similar narrations via Abil-Jawza (أبي الجوزاء)  but in a Mursal (weak) form [See Silsilah Aahadeeth Dha`eefah 515] 
A second version states :

” أكثروا ذكر الله حتى يقول المنافقون: إنكم مراءون

From Ibn `Abbas that the Prophet (s.a.w) said : “Remember Allah so much that the Munafiqeen say you are insincere (hypocrites) “


Ibn al-Mubarak in his Zuhd (1/204 no 1022] and `Abdullah ibn Ahmad in Zawaid az-Zuhd (page 108) ; Bayhaqi in Sha`b al-Emaan from the route

سعيد بن زيد عن عمرو بن مالك عن أبي الجوزاء مرفوعا

it is mursal due to the Taba`ee أبي الجوزاء  whose سنة الوفاة is 83 Hijri 
A third variant says :
” أكثروا ذكر الله حتى يقولوا: مجنون

“Remember Allah so much that it is said (about you) that you’re crazy! “

Reported by Imam Ahmad , Ibn `Asakir, al-Wahidi, Ibn Humayd, Tafsir ul Qurtubi and elsewhere. Dha`eef. For details you may see :


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