Question and Answer Session with Hafidh Zubayr Ali Zaee – Part 2



Q&A with Hafidh Zubayr `Ali Zaee – Part 2

:  This transcription is produced keeping in mind the vast majority of Muslim English speaking audience and accordingly has been translated in an easy-to-understand language ensuring that the original meaning is retained. It is looked after that the statements are translated conveying their full meanings intended by the native dialect even if it may not be an exact word to word dictation as this, along with redundant background speech, repetitions and it’s likes are avoided for the purpose of brevity.  Also please be informed that the numbering scheme attested to this translation project has no affiliations with any impending projects, series or sessions for the same from the Shaykh himself. Should there be any correction(s) or recommended modification(s), then kindly inform via the blog

رحم الله امرأ أهدى إلي عيوبي

May Allah have mercy on the one who shows me my faults.

[A statement attributed to `Umar radhiallahu anhu in Sunan ad-Darimee 1/506 or 1/166 or # 675 with a weak chain and Ahmad Shaakir (ed.), ar-Risalah of ash-Shaf`ee, P: 73 footnote no. 8  See Dr. Muhammad Adhmi’s book  titled “ The history of the quranic text page 20 “]

QA Part 1 with Hafidh Zubayr `Ali Zaee :


Q1) The ruling on ending the funeral prayer with tasleem on both sides

Q2) The ruling on raising the hands for dua`a e qunoot in `Isha prayer

Q3) The principle of Hasan li-gayrihi in Mustalahal hadeeth and the definition of bid`at

Q4) The ruling on making up a missed jumu`ah prayer

Q5) The ruling of sitting, befriending and indulging in vain debates with Ahl al-Bid`ah (people of innovation)

Q6) The ruling on attesting definitive martyrdom on someone

Q7) The explanation of Usool al-`Ibaadah and Usool al-Mu`amalaat


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